FUTA Overview

5th Departmental Colloquium

This year Colloquiumwas a moment of interaction between the staff and students of the Department of Remote Sensing and Geoscience Information Sytem (RSG). The event, which took place at the Buka Ibrahim Lecture Hall on the 28th January, 2016 witnessed a huge success as the students were well informed about the prospects and relevances of Remote Sensing and GIS. The HOD, Dr. A.Y.B. Anifowose, during his presentation exposed the students to rudiments, applications and prospects of remote sensing and GIS. He also used the medium to let them  know what the department stands for, the lecturers responsibilities and the expected  atittudes and responsibilities of the students. The Mangement of department  challenged the students on the need to be dedicated to their studies so as to make good grades upon their graduation from the University. The best behave students at all levels were recognised. Also the best students for all levels were recognised and applauded for their academic distinctions. A cash gift of N50,000 was promised by Professor Akinyede to any students that graduates with a First Class from the department. The interactive section was fun as HOD patiently answer all  bordering issues relating to their studies and the department.