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Publisher International Association For Impact Assessment
Publication Type Conferenceproceeding
Publication Title Impact Of Sea Level Rise: Barrier Coast, Nigeria. Impact Assessment And Responsible Development For Infrastructure, Business And Industry. Proceedings Of The 31st Annual Meeting Of The International Association For Impact Assessment, Puebla – Mexico
Publication Authors Popoola, OO., Abbott, VJ., and Glegg, G (2011)
Year Published 2011


The length of the coastline of Nigeria is approximately 853km long and composed of four distinct geomorphologic units namely the Barrier, Mud, Delta and Strand Coasts. Much of the Nigerian coast is low lying with the consequence that a 1 to 5 metres rise in sea level, which may result from eustatic or climate change, will have a catastrophic effect on the human activities in these regions. This study examines the consequences of continued sea level rise (SLR), for the Barrier Coast. A Geographic Information System (GIS) has been used to build models and examine the impact scenarios that SLR will have on critical elements, which include land, population, economic activity (GDP), urban extent, agriculture and wetlands with the aid of high quality spatially disaggregated global data on the critical elements. Results show that for SLR of 1 and of 5 metres, between 14% and 34% of the population of the Barrier Coast will be displaced. About 23% to 38% of land area will suffer inundation; 2% to 4% of GDP lost; 51% to 73% of urban extent lost; 44% to 74% of agricultural extent submerged; and 69% to 89% of wetlands will be lost. This study provides information concerning the implications of SLR, which will be useful for coastal planners and managers to develop a framework for Integrated Coastal Zone Management to support sustainable development of the coast in the light of rising sea levels.

Publisher University Of Ibadan
Publication Type Others
Publication Title Gentrification Of Urban Neighbourhoods: A Case Study Of The Mokola-Dugbe Commercial Strip
Publication Authors Agbola, Tunde and Popoola, Olusola
Year Published 2008

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