OWOEYE Julius Oluranti (Publications)
Publisher Federal University Of Technology, Akure
Publication Type Conferenceproceeding
Publication Title Impact Of Rocky Topography On Settlement Pattern And Housing Development In Idanre, Nigeria. Conference On Man, Technological Advancement And Sustainable Development.
Publication Authors Omole, F.K. and Owoeye, J.O.
Year Published 2010

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Publisher Journal Of The Environment, Federal University Of Technology, Yola; 6(2): 94-103
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Slum Characteristics Of Deplorable Residential District Of Akure.Journal Of The Environment, Federal University Of Technology, Yola, Nigeria, 6(2), 94-103
Publication Authors Omole, F.K. and Owoeye, J.O.
Year Published 2011

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Publisher American Journal Of Human Ecology (World Scholars), USA; 1(2): 33-39
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Built Environment Decay And Health Situation Of Slum Dwellers In Residential Cores Of Akure, Nigeria. American Journal Of Human Ecology, 1(2), 33-39
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O. and Omole, F.K.
Year Published 2012
Publisher Mediterranean Journal Of Social Scientists, Rome Italy; 3(3), 471-481
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Analysis Of Housing Condition And Neighbourhood Quality Of Inner Residential Core Of Akure, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Omole, F.K
Year Published 2012
Publisher American Journal Of Research Communication; 1(2): 140-153.
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title A Study On Environmental Habitability Of Core Residential Neighbourhood In Akure, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O
Year Published 2013
Publisher Journal Of The Environment, Federal University Of Technology, Yola
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Socio-Cultural Lifestyle Of Slum Dwellers – A Limiting Factor To Urban Renewal Policies In Akure, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Sogbon, O.
Year Published 2012
Most indigenous cities of emerging nations in the third world are characterized by large-scale housing and environmental
deficiencies. This paper attempts to investigate the limiting role of socio-cultural attributes of slum residents on renewal policies
which are implemented to minimize or eradicate such deficiencies. The study was carried out in the city of Akure, in South-
Western Nigeria. Using questionnaire administration, direct observation, housing demographic and facility survey for data
collection, it was discovered that satisfaction with a home is not to be measured only by the facilities therein or by the quality of the
dwelling units. Other imperceptible cultural and social factors play prominent roles, which need be considered while framing policies
for city development. However, full participation of slum residents is noted very indispensable for the success of any large scale
renewal programme while effective public enlightenment, improved socio-economic base and sanitary education strategies will help in
re-orientating the people and equipping them towards healthy and aesthetically decent environment.

Publisher Mediterranean Center Of Social And Educational Research
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Reducing The Environmental Health-Risks Of Vulnerable Group In High-Density District Of Akure, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Sogbon, O.
Year Published 2012
The environment is a composite of behavioural settings which greatly affects our health.
Environmental factors that affect health are in turn linked to underlying pressures in the
environment. In this study, some ecological factors were investigated and found responsible for ill
health that sometimes results to loss of human lives. The paper seeks to determine how to reduce
such health-risk factors among the vulnerable group of congested residential areas in Nigerian cities,
particularly the city of Akure. To effectively carry out this task, however, data are obtained on
environmental variables involving housing conditions, source of water supply, methods of sewage
and refuse disposal as well as information on health condition of residents in the area. The primary
data used were collected through questionnaire administration, direct observation, building
demographic and facility survey. The research population was based on total number of existing
building from which a sample of 20.0% was taken for interview. Findings from the study show that
environmental variables are significantly related to health condition of people living in the area.
Meanwhile, policy guidelines were suggested which include redevelopment, the use of Urban Basic
Service scheme to upgrading and provide essential facilities for the resident of the area. Thorough
sanitary inspection, public enlightenment and environmental education would equally be of benefit
to sustain all efforts aimed to reduce the menace in such area.

Publisher Asian Journal Of Humanities And Social Studies, India
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Appraisal Of Infrastructural Facilities And Environmental Condition Of Lam Adeshina Market In Ibadan, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O
Year Published 2014

This paper presents an overview of Lam Adeshina Cattle market in Ibadan, Nigeria in respect of its infrastructure and environmental conditions. Using simple random sampling technique, 82 traders were carefully selected for questionnaire interview which was reinforced by another set of questionnaire administered on 43 adjoining residential buildings. The major thrust of the study is to investigate the physical condition of the market, the socio-economic characteristics of sellers and also determine the impact of the market on the surrounding area. Findings divulged the deplorable condition of the market occasioned by inadequacy of infrastructural facilities and poor maintenance of existing ones; especially toilet, water supply, drainage, refuse site among others. Nonetheless, the market has positively affected its surrounding settlements, principally in the area of housing construction, employment generation, and increase in level of civilization. The paper suggests redesigning of the market in order to mitigate the identified problems. Suggestions were also made on provision of necessary infrastructure like fire station, modern toilets, bore holes, refuse facilities and production of development plan to guide the growth of adjourning area. It also suggests that the maintenance of those facilities should be entrusted in the hand of Akinyele LGA to ensure their sustainable management.

Publisher International Journal Of Developing Societies
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Urban Land Acquisition For Sustainable Housing Delivery In Akure, Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Adedeji, Y.M.D
Year Published 2015
The aim of this study is to identify problem associated with urban land acquisition for sustainable housing delivery
in Akure with a view of arriving at means of mitigating them. The three principal survey techniques used include
administration of questionnaire, interviews and observations. The choice of these survey techniques was to enable
the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data for the study. The research samples used were drawn from
both government and private owned estates in Akure. The study focuses on Ijapo Housing Estate, Obele Housing
Estate and Afunbiowo Housing Estate. Using systematic random sampling, a sample size of 252 was taken which
represent 5% of the total housing units in the selected estates. Although, 231 were retrieved in usable form which
represent 91.7% of the 252 questionnaire distributed. Evidences from the study revealed that adequate supply of
land is generally recognized as a prerequisite for sustainable housing delivery. It was also revealed that access to
land for housing development in Akure is becoming highly problematic due to rapid population growth and
informal land delivery system. The study therefore suggested that indigenous land owner’s syndrome should be
looked into and takes appropriate legal actions against it. Government should periodically carry out public
orientation and enlightenment on public land acquisition matters which will easy the tight procedure for
individuals so as to sustain efficient housing delivery in Nigeria.

Publisher Journal Of Geography And Regional Planning
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Urban Development And Land Use Changes Around The Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Ogunleye, O.S
Year Published 2015
Abstract Urban ecological systems are characterized by complex interactions among institutional, socioeconomic and environmental variables. These interactions often generate complex human-dominated landscapes, which significantly influence effective functioning of local and global earth ecosystems and the services they provide to humans and other life on earth. Changes in ecological conditions that result from human actions in urban areas ultimately affect physical morphology and structural outlook as in the case of the study area. Using Survey Research Design (SRD) via questionnaire administration, observation and personal interview and photo-snaps for data collection, authors investigate the impact of urban growth on the environment as occasioned by the existence of a university; essentially, the effects that the growth has on the ecological system of the community. Findings in the study revealed that urban development affects the spatial heterogeneity of the landscape; especially the patterns of variation in land cover and changes in land use over time. The authors propose that effective monitoring agent to guide the direction and coherence of development in the study area is needed to forestall the haphazard pattern of development that is rampart in the area. Also, a comprehensive master plan is needed for the area coupled with provision of essential services like power supply to facilitate adequate and regular electricity supply in the area.
Publisher Ournal Of Environment And Earth Science
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Towards Achieving Urban Environmental Sustainability In Lokoja Metropolis, Kogi State Nigeria
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Obayomi, O.A
Year Published 2015
The rapid increase in population, coupled with increase in the rate of urbanization, had lead to unplanned and
uncontrolled expansion of Lokoja town. Consequently, this scenario has caused tremendous pressure on civic
infrastructure systems, generated housing problems and unkempt environment among others. This study was
carried out with the aid of Survey Research Design (SRD) using structured questionnaire, observation, photosnaps,
building demographic and housing facility survey. Using random sampling technique, every 5th house in
the five districts involved in the study was picked for interview, focusing on building characteristics, condition
of sanitary and infrastructural facilities as well the quality of the environment. Findings revealed that the study
area exhibit slum condition which has un-denied consequences on the socio-economic lifestyle, health of
residents and the general outlook of the environment. On this basis, upgrading program through the provision
Urban Basic Services (UBS) and improved sanitation strategies were recommended for sustainable management
of the area. These include, among others, public enlightenment campaign, environmental education and
reintroduction of effective sanitary inspection schemes.

Publisher International Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Integrated Approach To Municipal Solid Waste Management In A Rapidly Urbanizing Medium-Sized City In Nigeria.
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Rotowa, O.O
Year Published 2015
Abstract Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation is increasing daily in Ado-Ekiti, being a growing medium-sized city in Southwestern Nigeria. The thrust of the paper is to unravel possible way to sustainably manage the solid wastes generated in the city via small-scale business initiatives. The problem of waste disposal is a major concern in major cities in most developing nations like Nigeria, which residents could grasp as viable opportunity and medium to generate income. The study makes use of Survey Research Design (SRD) via questionnaire administration. Six slum neighbourhoods were identified in the city with a total number of 7,862 housing units out of which 3.5%, amounting to 275 housing units was randomly selected as sample size. Findings revealed the nature of waste generated in the area; ranging from domestic (household) wastes to paper, plastic and metal wastes. Very few (about 1.0%) of sampled respondents separate their wastes before disposal while 99.0% did not. This divulged the reason why waste management business is not recognized and embraced on larger scale in the area; except for a few that are involved in scavenging and those who work directly with the company in charge of street sweeping in collaboration with the State Waste Management Board. To this effect, the study put up probable measures to encourage residents in the establishment of business ventures in waste management enterprise via Municipal Solid Waste Scheme (MSWS). This is hoped will improve the environmental condition and income level of people in Ado-Ekiti.
Publisher International Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Analysis Of Slum Situation In Three Selected Cities Of Osun State, Nigeria
Publication Authors Oyeniyi, S.O; Owoeye, J.O and Ibimilua, A.F
Year Published 2015
Slums are not the same; they differ in outlook, size, characteristics, and more importantly, level of deprivation. Improved water
sanitation, sufficient living space, durable housing and secured tenure or combinations thereof are used to identify measured
slums. This paper focuses on investigating slum situation in Osun State, with a focus on three selected cities – Osogbo, Ilesa
and Ile-Ife. These are ancient cities in the State. A total of 300 questionnaires were distributed to slum residents and city
planners in the three cities, out of which 266 were retrieved in usable form for the purpose of statistical analysis for the study.
Both descriptive and inferential statistical tools were used in data analysis. Findings reveal the precarious situation of shelter,
drinking water, sanitation, living space and infrastructural facilities in the cities investigated. Using empirical and physical
evidences via questionnaire interview, observation and photo-snaps; the study revealed that slum areas in the cities are highly
degraded. Hence, the need for improved housing, portable water, tenure security, better infrastructures, urban services and
provision of income generating activities for slum residents and effective environmental management become highly
imperative to ameliorate the appalling conditions of the slum dwellers in the cities.

Publisher Urban Studies Research, Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Analysis Of Akure Urban Land Use Change Detection From Remote Imagery Perspective.
Publication Authors Owoeye, J.O and Ibitoye, O.A
Year Published 2016
This study presents the analysis of Akure urban land use change detection from remote imagery perspective. Efforts were made
to examine the direction that the continuous expansion of the city tends towards since its inception as a state capital in 1976.
Using Aerial Imagery Overlay (AIO), the pattern of land use changes in Akure and its environs were determined. This involves
imageries interpolation and overlaying to determine the land use changes, direction, and extent of the expansion. Findings revealed
unguided expansion in the growth of the city which affects the pattern of land uses within the city and, by extension, into the
adjoining settlements.There were incompatible conversions in land uses and undue encroachment into green areas in the adjoining
communities.The study suggests effective zoning strategy on unguided nature of urban development whose effects on land use are
very prominent in the study area. Adequate monitoring by the Development Control Department and other stakeholders in urban
planning is equally suggested to mitigate the incompatible land use changes in the area.