Arum Chinwuba (Basic Profile)
Surname ARUM
Other Names Chinwuba
Post Professor & Head of Department
Email Address arumcnwchrist[at]; carum[at]
Telephone +234-8034674925
Nationality NIGERIA
Affiliations Registered by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, No. R11361; Member of Nigeria Society of Engineers, MNSE, No. 14336; Member of Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, NICE, No. 819; Member of Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers, MEACE, No. 0824
Education (a) Primary: Community School, Amechi, Sept., 1970 – June, 1975 (b) Secondary: Boys’ Secondary School, Umueze, Sept., 1975 – June, 1980 (c) Tertiary: (i) Moscow Civil Engineering Institute, Russian Federation, 1988 – 1992 (ii) Kharkov Institute of Municipal Engineers, Ukraine, 1982 - 1987
Background PhD Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering Option), 1992; MSc. Civil Engineering, 1987