Functions of the Board
The Board of theSchoolofPostgraduate Studies, which meets on the 1st Thursday of every month on behalf of Senate performs the following functions:

(i)Receives and recommends to Senate, submissions from Schools on admission, registration, fields of study, research proposals, nomination of supervisors and appointment of internal and external examiners;
(ii) Makes recommendations to Senate on candidates for the award of higher degrees, postgraduate diplomas and certificates;
(iii) Examines postgraduate curricula and examination programmes submitted by Departments through the School P ostgraduate Advisory Committees and makes recommendations to Senate;
(iv) Receives each student’s progress reports for the purpose of monitoring the student’s performance ;
(v) Interprets and operates postgraduate regulations and prepare an annual report of its work to Senate approval;
(vi) Prepares and operates a budget necessary for executing the functions of the School, paying particular attention to fellowships, scholarships, visiting Lectureships and postgraduate programmes, and coordinates budgets for Postgraduate Studies from the Schools;
(vii) Recommends periodically to Senate, a comprehensive review of general regulations, progress and development of Postgraduate Studies;
(viii) Takes and considers all results in respect of all programmes being run by the Schools and make appropriate recommendations to Senate;
(ix)Considers and recommends applications for admission and extension of studentship to Senate for approval;
(x) Keeps up-to-date records of all registered Postgraduate students and;
(xi) Performs any other responsibilities Senate may delegate to the School from time to time