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  • QSV 102 Course Schedule
    Course Code:QSV 102
    Course Title:Introduction to Quantity Surveying
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • introduce students to who a quantity surveyor is and the roles to be performed in relation to other construction professionals; • provide students with the needed information for their involvement in national development; and • provide students with opportunities to know the basics of contract arrangement for projects, construction processes and building measurements.
    Course Synopsis:This course is a fundamental course and designed for students in quantity surveying. The main focus of the course is to impact to the students the knowledge about the evolvement of quantity surveying, what the discipline entails and its involvement in nation building. Topics to be covered include the history of quantity surveying; the quantity surveyors and the national development with emphasis on the definition of a quantity surveyor and the roles performed by a quantity surveyor in relation with other professionals in the construction industry, and the rudiments of building measurement.
    Course Lecturer:Oke, A. E.