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  • MTS 104 (C) Course Schedule
    Course Code:MTS 104 (C)
    Course Title:Introductory Applied Mathematics
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to introduce students to: • applied mathematics, • solving problems involving vectors and scalars; and • solving problems in dynamics and geometry.
    Course Synopsis:This course is a first course in Applied Mathematics designed primarily for students in Sciences and Engineering. However, it also meets the need of students in other fields, as a course that introduces students to theories, applications and solving problems in Vectors, Dynamics and Geometry. As a gateway into Applied Mathematics, the course focuses on operations with Vectors and Scalars, solving problems in Dynamics and Geometry. The course is to prepare the students for Applied Mathematics at higher levels. Some of the topics to cover include Geometric representation of vectors in 1 – 3 dimensions, direction cosines, Two-dimensional coordinate geometry, Straight lines, circles, Kinetics of particles, components of velocity and acceleration of a particle moving in a plane.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. T. O. Awodola, Dr. B. Omolofe, Dr. A.J. Omowaye, Mr. E.J. Dansu and Mr. A. F. Fagbade
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