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  • MTS 102 (C) Course Schedule
    Course Code:MTS 102 (C)
    Course Title:Introductory Mathematics II
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to • introduce students to idea of function of a real variable, • introduce students to limits and continuity, • introduce students to derivative as limit of rate of change, • expose students to various techniques of differentiation , • present to students various applications of differentiation, • introduce integration to students as an inverse of differentiation, • introduce to students methods of integration, • present to students various applications of integration.
    Course Synopsis:Function of a Real Variable: Definition of Functions of Real variable, Types of function. Graph of a function of real variables: Graphical representation. Limits and continuity of functions of real variables: Idea of limits of functions of real variable, the rate of change of a function, differentiation from first principle, the concept of continuity of function of real variable, Limits and limit location. Techniques of differentiation: Differentiation of the sum and difference of functions, differentiation of a product of functions, differentiation of a quotient of functions second and higher derivatives, differentiation of a function of a function, differentiation of inverse functions, differentiation of implicit functions, differentiation from parametric equations. Application of differentiation: Applications to kinematics, the tangent and normal to a curve, the maximum and minimum of a function. Extreme curve sketching: Turning points of a curve, minimum and maximum values of a curve. Integration: Integration of a constant, methods of integration , integration of rational algebraic fractions, integration by substitution, integration by partial fractions, integration of trigonometric functions . Applications of integration: Application of geometry and mechanics, areas of plane shapes, volume of plane shapes.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. E. A. Areo, Dr. (Mrs.) B. T. Olabode, Dr. (Mrs.) P. O. Babatola, Mr. J. M. Tolorunshagba, Mr. A. I. Adekunle, Mr. A. S. Afolabi, Mr. E. J. Dansu a
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