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  • MTS 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:MTS 101
    Course Title:Introductory Mathematics I
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to  introduce students to elementary set theory,  introduce students to real numbers and mathematical induction,  introduce students to real sequences and series,  introduce students to quadratic equations and polynomials,  introduce students to binomial theorem and expansion,  introduce students to circular measure and trigonometric functions.
    Course Synopsis:Elementary set theory, subsets, union, intersections complement, and Venn diagrams. Real numbers; integers, rational and irrational numbers, mathematical induction. Real sequences and series, theory of quadratic equations, binomial theorem, nth roots of unity. Circular measure, trigonometric functions of angles of any magnitude, addition and factor formulae.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. E. A. Areo
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