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  • MNE 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:MNE 101
    Course Title:Introduction to Mining Engineering
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • keep first year mining students informed of what Mining Engineering is all about; and • alley their fear from general believes that Mining Engineering is too tough.
    Course Synopsis: This course is introductory to the study of Mining Engineering. It is designed primarily for mining engineering students to keep them abreast of what Mining Engineering is all about and to prepare the students for the task ahead. This course is about rocks and minerals – their origins and classifications. It also entails mining methods (surface and underground methods) that can be employed to excavate the rocks/minerals from their parent rocks or formation place. The course is compulsory and it will also cover unit operations in mining, Mine Surveying, GIS, and stages in the life of a mine. Mining and its consequences, processing and uses of minerals will also be taught. Finally, Government roles and regulation will be discussed.
    Course Lecturer:Engr. Prof. Z.O. Opafunso and Engr. Dr. T.B. Afeni
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