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  • MEE 102 Course Schedule
    Course Code:MEE 102
    Course Title:Workshop Practice
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: Put student through with various practical aspects of cutting and non-cutting processes such as engineering materials, welding, heat treatment, turning, shaping, planning, broaching, drilling, scraping, reaming, grinding, milling, bench work and fitting, woodwork and carpentry, among others. Students will also be introduced to other aspects of mechanical engineering technologies including air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive and internal combustion engines.
    Course Synopsis:This course is one of the preparatory courses on basic manufacturing processes, an important aspect of Mechanical Engineering. It is a compulsory course taken by all 100 level students in the university. The course is practically oriented and designed to introduce students to Mechanical Engineering workshop practices, manufacturing processes and properties of engineering materials which will help them as they progress in their courses. The course will help the students to be conversant with the workshop hazard and to observe all safety practices and codes. It cuts across all sections and departments of Mechanical Engineering workshop. Topics to be covered include introduction to basic manufacturing processes, organisation of workshop, workshop hazard and safety practices and codes, properties of engineering materials, bench-work and fitting, introduction to turning exercises (straight and step turning chamfering, screw cutting), milling and milling exercise, drilling techniques and exercise, sheet metal work, welding and soldering technique with exercises. Others are properties of wood, wood work and joinery exercises, workshop measurements, refrigeration and airconditioning: principles of operation, refrigerants and trouble shooting, Methods of leak detection, charging and discharging, safety precautions.
    Course Lecturer:Dr. P.K. Oke