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    Course Code:MEE 101
    Course Title:Engineering Drawing I
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to:  Introduce students to details of engineering drawing as the engineers’ language.  Provide students with opportunities to have the basic knowledge of engineering drawing as the language of technology
    Course Synopsis:This course is designed primarily for all students admitted into the Federal University of Technology, Akure. It provides a comprehensive knowledge and insight into engineering drawing as a basic tool of engineering. Topics to be covered include: Instruments for engineering drawing and their uses. Drawing Paper Sizes; Margins; and Title Blocks. Lettering and types of line. Geometrical construction: bisection of lines and angles and their applications. Polygon, tangency, locus of simple mechanisms. Pictorial drawing; Isometric, oblique and perspectives. Orthographic projection. Dimensioning and development of simple shapes. Assembly drawing of simple components. Conventional representation of common engineering features. Freehand sketching. Use of engineering drawing software of the department.
    Course Lecturer:Engr. (Dr.) P. K. Oke
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