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  • CVE 105 Course Schedule
    Course Code:CVE 105
    Course Title:History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to:  introduce students to the fundamentals of science and technology especially with an engineering bias/perspective for application in solving problems in nature  develop appreciation of the scientific methodology as the foundation and basis for all scientific knowledge and inquiry  highlight the important lessons in the historical development of science and technology and reflect on the prognostic implications for the development of science and technology  enhance students’ awareness of the need for environmental and ecological stewardship in the various applications of science and technology.  inculcate the penchant for renewable energy utilisation in the sustainability of Man and his environment  develop appreciation of the impact of science and technology in the civilisation and modernisation of society.
    Course Synopsis:Definitions of science and technology. Scientific methodology, Historical development of science and technology, Man- his origin and nature, Man and his cosmic environment. Science and technology in the society and service of man. Renewable and non-renewable resources. Man and his energy resources. Impact of science and technology. Environmental effects of scientific and technological developments. Ethical problems in science and technology.
    Course Lecturer:Dr O. O. Ojuri