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  • CSC 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:CSC 101
    Course Title:Introduction to Computer Science
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: introduce students to computer science; and provide students with opportunities to develop basic computing knowledge with respect to computer history, components, functions, types, applications and programming.
    Course Synopsis:This course is an introductory, first course in computer science designed primarily for students in Computer Science. However, it also meets the need of students in other fields, as a course that provides insight into the basics of computers. Emphasis is on history, functional components, characteristics of computers, broad introduction to programming methodology and algorithm as well as problem solving strategies and techniques for developing/documenting applications, including principles of structured programming, problem decomposition, program organization, the use of procedural abstraction and basic debugging skills. Visual basic programming language is also an important part which serves as the vehicle for illustrating several concepts.
    Course Lecturer:Professor O. C. Akinyokun, Dr. G. B. Iwasokun and Miss O. A. Akinsowon