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  • CHE 102 Course Schedule
    Course Code:CHE 102
    Course Title:Basic General Chemistry II
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • Explore the available raw materials; their chemistry and applications. • Understand the process of energy generation. • Appraise the industrial chemical process of transforming raw materials to desired products.
    Course Synopsis:Historical survey of the development and importance of organic chemistry, nomenclature and classes of organic and purification of organics compounds; qualitative and quantitative organic chemistry; stereo chemistry; determination of structure of organic compounds; Electronic theory in organic chemistry; saturated hydrocarbons; alkanes. Unsaturated hydrocarbons; alkenes, alkynes and aromatics. Functional group; carbonyls, halides, carboxylic acids and hydroxyl. Periodic table and periodic properties; periodic law. Moseley’s law, Valence Forces; structure of Solids; molecular and ionic forces. The Chemistry of selected metals and non- metals Quantitative analysis.
    Course Lecturer:Prof. O. O. Ajayi, Dr. B. J. Owolabi, Dr. J. K. Fakinlede and Dr. (Mrs.) V. O. E. Akpambang
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