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  • CHE 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:CHE 101
    Course Title:Basic General Chemistry I
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • Explore the available raw materials; their chemistry and applications. • Understand the process of energy generation. • Appraise the industrial chemical process of transforming raw materials to desired products.
    Course Synopsis:Atoms, atomic structures, atomic theory, aufbau method, Hund’s rule, Pauli Exclusion principles, atomic spectra, molecules and chemical reaction, energetics, chemical equation and stoichiometry, atomic Structure and; Modern electronic theory of atoms; Radioactivity; Chemical kinetics, collision theory, Kinetic theory of gases, solution, solubility and solubility product. Electro chemistry, electrode potential, half-cell equation.
    Course Lecturer:Prof. O. O. Ajayi, Dr. H. O. Ogunsuyi, Dr. E. F. Olasehinde, Dr. O. Oluwasina and Mr. W. B. Tomori
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