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  • BIO 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:BIO 101
    Course Title:General Biology 1
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • Introduce students to basic concepts in Biology, scope of Biology and its place in human welfare, • enable students to understand the diversity, classification of living things and differences between plants and animals, • introduce students to cells as building units of organisms and functions of cellular organelles, • familiarise the students with the transfer of characters from parents to offsprings and why variations exists among organisms of the same species and how organisms evolved, • familiarise the students with life cycles of non-vascular and vascular plants, • enable students to know the different types of habitats that exists all over the world.
    Course Synopsis:This course introduces the students to General Biology as a whole. The scope of Biology and its place in human welfare including characteristics of life, concepts in Biology, topical issues in Biology and career opportunities. Diversity and classification of living things. Cell structure and organization; functions of cellular organelles; diversity, general reproduction, interrelationship of organisms, heredity and evolution. Elements of ecology and types of habitat. Differences between plants and animals. Variation and life cycles of plants to include non-vascular plants like algae, fungi, bacteria, viruses, bryophytes and pteridophytes. Varieties and forms, life cycles and functions of flowering plants.
    Course Lecturer:Professor M.O. Ashamo, Dr O.A. Gbaye, Mrs B.O. Odiyi and Mr O.M. Akomolafe
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