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  • ARC105 Course Schedule
    Course Code:ARC105
    Course Title:Introduction to Architecture
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: •develop general appreciation of architecture as a discipline; and •Lay a solid foundation as a beginning of architectural training.
    Course Synopsis:This is an introductory course to architecture. It stresses the definitions of architecture, the qualities of works of architecture and the role of the architect in the building industry. It emphasises drawing and the various graphic communication media and reproduction equipments and materials. It is designed to lay a solid foundation in understanding of the key issues in architecture, both in theory and practice. It explores the significant buildings in history and the architects who have made the architectural history in different ages. Topics to be covered also include introduction to various types of structural forms as a systematic classification informing structural decisions in various building types. The course is designed as a first-year course for students of architecture programme of the university.
    Course Lecturer:Prof. O. Arayela