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    Course Code:ARC 103
    Course Title:Freehand Sketching I
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • Improve students ability to draw using their hand and also enhance their graphic communication using different media; and • Prepare students for architectural graphics and design in higher levels.
    Course Synopsis:This course is mainly a practical oriented course. It is an introduction to freehand sketching. It provides a basis for which students can develop their graphic communication in architecture by expressing themselves using pencils and markers etc on paper or any other suitable media. It takes steps towards introducing the students to line drawings, sketches of assembled objects within the studio, sketches of human figures, cars, trees and a combination of all these, rapid sketches of objects, buildings, and buildings entourage, and also introduction to simple floor plans. As a practical course, the focus is to impart useful skills on the students in order to enhance their drawing abilities using freehand techniques (i.e. without the aid of mechanical drawing instruments) and prepare them for architectural design -a studio base course in higher levels. Topics to be covered include Line exercises, sketching assembled objects, cars, trees and people around buildings. Rapid sketches of assembled objects, buildings and entourage to such buildings and image transfer in black and white media among others.
    Course Lecturer:Arc. S. A. Bobadoye, Arc. R. P. Omale and Arc. O. A. Onanuga
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