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  • ARC 101 Course Schedule
    Course Code:ARC 101
    Course Title:Graphic Communication I
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to: • introduce students to freehand drawings, measured drawings, 2- dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings; and • provide students with opportunities to develop basic skills on how to do understand and produce freehand, measured, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings with the use of ink, pencils, water colour, oil poster, etc.
    Course Synopsis:This course involves studio work in two and three dimensional graphics vocabulary. Emphasis is on the conceptual and perceptual techniques in measured and freehand drawing. Each student is to maintain an A3 size portfolio of drawing containing: Freehand sketches of buildings and their surroundings; measured drawings in isometric and axonometric projections and drawings in varying media (ink, water colour, oil poster, etc.)
    Course Lecturer:Arc. A. A. Fakere , Arc. R. P. Omale, Arc. A. A. Akintewe, Arc. O. O. Aderibigbe and Arc. A. Adeyanju
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