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  • AGY 100 Course Schedule
    Course Code:AGY 100
    Course Title:Earth History
    Course Objective:The objectives of this course are to:  introduce students to the planet earth with regards to its origin, age, composition and internal processes. 
    Course Synopsis:This course is an introductory, first course in geology for students in applied geology. Topics to be covered include: The Solar System. Earth as an evolving planet: - earth’s differentiation. The geologic time-scale and its methods of measurement. Origin and chemical evolution of atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; the history of life from bacteria to man. Concepts of paleoclimate, paleogeography, paleooceanography, paleomagnetism. Basic principles of stratigraphy: - uniformitarianism, superposition, fauna and flora succession. Sedimentation: Principles and processes. Earth’s internal processes: igneous activities and metamorphism. Practical identification of common fossils and rock types.
    Course Lecturer:Mr. R. O. Egbeyemi